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Where you talk about freedoms in the face of Covid

Where you talk about freedoms, I see inequalities.

Calls, sometimes violent, fuse, demanding the immediate and definitive end of all health restrictions against Covid-19, in the name of individual freedoms. This deserves a debate, but it should not be ignored that those who are abandoned to the health risk and the obligation to return to work are the most exposed and the most fragile.

“You old people, we have given you enough. To protect you, we are no longer going to ruin our economy and lose our best years of life”. Are these words excessive, far from the reality of a society that would protect all its generations? Not at all. “Why give priority to vaccinating these old people in nursing homes when they will soon die” was calmly stated by a doctor on a television set, without this raising the slightest protest. The theme of the sacrifice of the elders to protect the younger generations has been a recurring element carried by philosophers of great quality. The recent scandal of living conditions in nursing homes has illustrated how our society considers what it calls “the end of life” of the elderly.

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