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when technology is at the bedside of the climate

On the one hand, a world thermostat is carried away; on the other, greenhouse gas emissions are still not pointing in the right direction. We are on the razor’s edge, again warn the experts of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a new report which will be unveiled on February 28. By dint of inaction, will humanity one day have to rely on technology to stop global warming?

Little by little, the idea made its way into the heads of state, entrepreneurs, and even certain scientists. In recent years, several prototype factories capable of sucking CO2 into the atmosphere have emerged in Europe and the United States. ” COP 26 in Glasgow also indirectly endorses the use of certain technologies, analyzes Roland Séférian, the climatologist at Météo France. Indeed, the States undertake to no longer subsidize fossil fuel power plants that do not have a capture solution and carbon sequestration (CCS). This agreement also paves the way for the construction of factories equipped with sorts of “catalytic converters”.

Is this really good news? Not sure. “We will undoubtedly need this kind of solution to fight against global warming”, estimates the climatologist Olivier Boucher, director of research at the CNRS. In particular to decarbonize certain branches of industry such as steelworks. On the other hand, equipping factories or power stations with capture solutions also risks prolonging the use of fossil fuels!



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