Thursday, December 7, 2023
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The most intense disinformation campaign

Staged sabotage, a supposedly crucified child, fake news accusing Ukrainians of the worst abuses are nothing new in Eastern Europe. In the current crisis, however, misinformation has increased sharply in the region. The spread of fake news and cyberattacks is indeed a popular way for the Kremlin to destabilize and demoralize the Ukrainian population. As Russia crossed a red line on the night of February 23-24, ordering bombings on Ukrainian territory and bringing its troops in from the East, Crimea, and Belarus, it is likely that the disinformation campaigns will increase further. Maria Avdeeva, research director of the European Expert Association, a think tank specializing in security issues and disinformation in Ukraine, answered questions from L’Express on February 23, the day before the launch of the Russian attacks.



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