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Sanofi announces positive results for its vaccine

In the race for the Covid-19 vaccine, Sanofi’s journey has been strewn with pitfalls. The French pharmaceutical giant, which has accumulated delays, finally sees the finish line. He announced this Wednesday, February 23, positive results for the vaccine he is developing with the British GSK, after phase 3 trials conducted with thousands of people.

The laboratories have not yet made public the studies on which these results are based, but assure that the vaccine is effective in avoiding any hospitalization. They also report slightly greater than 50% efficacy against all infections causing symptoms. This is “comparable to the effectiveness of vaccines already available”, underlines Sanofi, while the rise of the Omicron variant has questioned the effectiveness of existing vaccines against contamination.

Approval in USA and EU
In a joint statement, Sanofi and GSK said they would “seek regulatory approval for their vaccine against [the] Covid-19” in the United States and the European Union (EU). This announcement opens the doors to them for the next marketing of their anti-Covid vaccine, if the health authorities on each side of the Atlantic give the green light. This would mark the culmination of a soap opera for Sanofi, which for the past year has recorded several setbacks and postponements in the design of its vaccine.



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