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Roussel case is the function of parliamentary

Was Fabien Roussel a “ghost” parliamentary collaborator for five years? The question was raised by the investigative site Mediapart on Sunday in a rather embarrassing investigation for the presidential candidate. Between May 2009 and June 2014, the communist was well paid for a full-time position by the deputy of the North Jean-Jacques Candelier. However, neither he nor his ex-employer was able to provide journalists with the slightest proof of work, such as a note or even a simple email. At franceinfo, Monday, he nevertheless claims to have “the documents of the battles on the ground” carried out in this context. “I have dozens of people who can say what we did together,” he insisted, without really convincing.
Because this case has an air of deja vu. Five years ago, a few months before the 2017 presidential election, the right-wing candidate Fran├žois Fillon was mentioned in a series of articles, before being the subject of an investigation according to which he had paid his wife Penelope for a job as a parliamentary assistant that she actually didn’t really do. His campaign is polluted by this “Penelopegate”, the former Prime Minister does not reach the second round of the presidential election then places himself in withdrawal by favoring new functions in the private sector.



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