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Our countries should adopt a Covid strategy

Epidemiologist Antoine Flahault has long been one of the great defenders of the so-called “zero Covid” strategy. Most countries that have implemented it – Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, etc. – come back today. But the strict virus control measures that they applied for almost two years allowed them to wait for the arrival of vaccines by very strongly limiting deaths in their population, without however slowing down their economy.

As of February 20, Japan had thus had 21,844 deaths since the start of the pandemic, South Korea 7,450, Australia 4,929, and New Zealand 53. Against 136,664 in France – and this figure continues to climb, our country still deploring between 200 and 250 daily deaths in recent weeks. “Enough, enough, enough”, exclaimed Professor Antoine Flahault recently on Twitter, calling on the rulers of rich countries to implement a “zero death by Covid” strategy. The Express asked him what he meant by that. Here are his explanations.



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