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Most of the May 9 rioters were identified and detained, the federal cabinet reported.

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the federal cabinet was informed that roughly 95% of those involved in violent incidents on May 9 had been identified, while 60% of the criminals responsible for the incidents had been detained.

According to a news release from the PM Office Media Wing, the cabinet ordered that the identification and arrest of those responsible for the incidents on May 9 be expedited while reiterating that no innocent person should be detained in connection with such incidents.

The prime minister addressed the audience and declared that the entire country was present, along with its shuhada and their families. To preserve the destiny of younger generations, these martyrs had given their lives in sacrifice and abandoned their orphaned children.

The prime minister also emphasized the importance of following all legal criteria when bringing legal action against those responsible for the criminal occurrences. He stated that just those people who had been involved in the incidents had been detained.

A thorough explanation of the harm done to both private and public property during the terrible events of May 9 was provided.

The conference was informed that on May 9, criminals from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf attacked people and law enforcement officers, damaged property, and set fire to cars belonging to the police, military, ambulances, and other public transportation.

Additionally, it was reported that attackers targeted and set fire to police stations, sensitive facilities, Jinnah House Lahore, and Radio Pakistan in Peshawar.

Contrary to the PTI’s ongoing misinformation effort, it was informed that cases were being filed against the attackers under the Anti-Terrorism Act and Pakistan Penal Code for conducting assaults on public and private structures and properties. Only those individuals would be brought up for trial under the Army Act if there was substantial proof linking them to attacks on vital sites.

It was further emphasized that decisions made following processes under the Army Act were subject to appeal to the higher courts.

Additionally, NADRA briefed the gathering on facial recognition. Also shown during the meeting were images, videos, and locations relevant to the events of May 9.

The National Security Committee’s conclusions from its meeting on May 16 were strictly implemented, the cabinet reaffirmed.

Additionally, it instructed that the National Assembly’s unanimously approved resolution denouncing the events of May 9’s “Black Day” be entered into the official record.

The cabinet further gave instructions to effectively combat the propaganda being spread by the PTI in several friendly nations.

The Road to Makkah Project and its implementation as per a memorandum signed on May 17 were thoroughly explained to the gathering.

According to the plan, Pakistani pilgrims who were planning to immigrate might do so without having to go through the Saudi Arabian immigration process.

A total of 2450 pilgrims have been assisted during the current Hajj season at five special counters that have been set up at the Islamabad airport. It was further said that this endeavor would make pilgrimage easier for 26000 people overall in the current year.

The gathering was also informed that, in the following year, the initiative will be expanded to include other airports across the nation, bringing the total number of pilgrims who would receive this facility to 75,000.

The appointment of major general (retired) Hafeez ur Rehman as a member of the Pakistan Telecommunication administration received confirmation from the government.

Additionally, it confirmed the choice made at the May 16 meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC).

May 9 events

After former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan was taken into custody at the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Tuesday, violent confrontations broke out all over Pakistan.

Due to the party workers’ agitation over the detention of their chairman, rallies were held in both remote and populous places, with Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad calling in the armed forces to maintain peace and order.

During a PTI worker protest, the Corps Commander’s home and army installations in Lahore came under attack.

Additionally, it was revealed that during clearing, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations Ali Nasir Rizvi suffered serious wounds.



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