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Macron convinced Chevenement to support him

The weight support, if we obtain it, will be that of Jean-Pierre Chev√®nement.” Thus speaks an Elyos adviser. History, decidedly, is facetious. Old-fashioned, a little boring – even in the eyes of a certain left who watches him, circumspectly, settling down in Beauvau at the end of the 1990s -, the “Che” has become trendy in Macronie. We esteem him, we listen to him and, above all, we expect him. But the impatience, soon, should end.
According to our information, Jean-Pierre Chev√®nement is preparing to announce his support for Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, February 27, in a river interview that he should give to the JDD. For weeks, Macronist strategists have been speculating about upcoming rallies. That of former right-wing minister Eric Woerth stirred the microcosm, but many in Emmanuel Macron’s entourage now hope to garner support from a “heavyweight on the left”. So as not to detract from the famous at the same time, so that the excess does not turn into “one camp which exceeds the other”, in the words of a close friend of the Head of State.



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